what now...?

Part 1

Part 2

For this 2-part documentary, Wet Heat Project captured impromptu interviews in the aisles of PULSE Miami 2008 asking simply, "What now?"

The answers present a microcosm of an art market at the leading edge of a global economic meltdown; a mix of upbeat, unsure, and unworried.

Thanks to Locust Projects and to Helen Allen, Executive Director of PULSE 2008, for our presence at the fair. Our correspondent was Carolina Wong, and the participants included Chuck Close, Spencer Tunick, Christina H. Kang, David Lombardi, Jenny Marketou, Milcho, Julie Saul, Ruth & Richard Shack, Concepcion & Estabrook, Clifton Childree, and many more.

Songs courtesy of Miami-based music artists:

Amanda Green

Dino Felipe

Datamouth, Jacuzzi Boys

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