Jeffrey Noble and Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo, graduating BFA seniors at Miami's New World School of the Arts, had never worked together before the immersive, large-scale Timescapes project, yet their individual practices fused (literally) during the months-long collaborative production into a singular expression.

Commissioned by the Cricket Taplin Collection, the work is a circuitous mural of stained glass mosaic and spray paint stretching up 8 flights of an oceanside tower stairwell at Miami Beach's iconic Sagamore Hotel. The stairwell is open to the elements of sunlight, sky color and sea breezes directly off the water, all of which transform the work's shifting reflectivity, hues, and complex forms along the viewer's path.

This short film captures the collaborators' fierce tempo of production during the project's final week in the summer of 2012: completion of the top flights.

The artists: Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo, Jeffrey Noble

This film was commissioned by New World School of the Arts

The artwork was commissioned by The Cricket Taplin Collection

Music courtesy of:

Thompson Davis / The Banjees

Ricardo Guerrero / This Heart Electric


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